Introduction from Elaine

Elaine talks about the teaching she offers and what it’s like to attend one of her study days

BRAF animation

An animation for Melanoma UK about how B-Raf inhibitors work

Let’s Communicate Cancer

Watch the showreal for BOPA’s online course hosted on eLearning for Healthcare

Melanoma Focus

Elaine presents a series of videos about melanoma treatments for the Melanoma Focus website

Genetic testing for ovarian cancer

Elaine worked with a genetics team in Birmingham to create three patient videos on genetic testing for ovarian cancer

Delivering a vision of precision medicine using targeted therapies and immunotherapy

Elaine was interviewed by VJOncology prior to speaking at the virtual BOPA symposium in October 2021

De-mystifying the science of cancer immunotherapy

Watch the talk on immunotherapy that Elaine presented at the UK Childhood Cancer Conference in 2017