Elaine offers a variety of courses and materials suitable for people with different levels of scientific knowledge.

Some of Elaine’s courses and materials provide broad overviews of cancer biology and the science behind targeted cancer treatments. Other courses home-in on individual cancer types such as lung cancer, breast cancer, cancers of the digestive system or haematological cancers.

Course content ranges from key concepts in biology and genetics for those with a basic understanding of human biology, through to advanced courses suitable for medical oncologists and experienced trials staff.

Available study days in 2022

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Face-to-face teaching

Elaine travels the UK and Europe presenting seminars and study days on the science behind targeted cancer treatments. She also speaks at numerous medical and charity conferences and meetings.

Every year, Elaine delivers a programme of courses for the Royal Marsden Hospital in London that anyone can book onto. These courses are designed for nurses, trials coordinators, pharmaceutical companies and junior oncologists.

Every course, module and presentation that Elaine delivers is bang up-to-date and incorporates the latest scientific advances and drug approvals.

Online education

In 2016 Elaine developed, wrote and presented an online course ‘Demystifying targeted cancer treatments’ for Cancer Research UK, which is hosted on the FutureLearn platform.

This course was first run in January 2017 and has been repeated several times a year ever since. In 2020 the course was re-launched with additional content and new videos on PARP inhibitors, CDK inhibitors and immunotherapy. Elaine regularly reviews and updates the content, and she is online to answer questions from learners at every re-run.

A comment from one learner:

“My word this has been wonderful. Elaine you were great at presenting a lot of information succinctly and understandably. As a nurse I appreciate the nurses’ perspectives. Thanks so much.”

Contact Elaine if you’re interested in using her experience, knowledge and illustrations to develop your own online educational materials.

In-house training

Elaine has numerous pre-written study days and modules that she can deliver at short notice. Or, with a bit of warning, she can develop new materials tailored for a particular audience or topic.

Contact Elaine if you’d like her to visit your workplace or deliver online content (live or pre-recorded) for your staff.


Elaine has written a book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Targeted Cancer Treatments’. It is published by Wiley and is can be bought from the Blackwell’s website. The book contains over 100 of Elaine’s colourful illustrations and was Highly Commended by the BMA Book Awards in 2019. It covers:

Chapter 1: An introduction to cancer cell biology and genetics
Chapter 2: Introducing targeted cancer treatments
Chapter 3: Treatments that block cell communication pathways
Chapter 4: Drugs that target: angiogenesis, fusion proteins, PARP, hedgehog signalling, CDKs
Chapter 5: Cancer immunotherapy
Chapter 6: Targeted treatments for common solid tumours
Chapter 7: Targeted treatments for haematological cancers

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