Targeted treatments for lung cancer

Monday 08 April 2019, Royal Marsden Hospital London

Description: In this course I describe the faulty genes, pathways and proteins that drive small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. I also explain the scientific rationale behind targeted treatments in use and in development for these diseases, such as EGFR inhibitors, ALK inhibitors, B-Raf inhibitors, angiogenesis inhibitors and immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors.

Audience: Ideal for pharmacists, research nurses, pharmaceutical companies, junior doctors or anyone who has been on one of my other courses. Requires a basic understanding of cancer genetics and cancer cell biology.

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Introduction to lung cancer: a disease of many layers
Introducing non-small cell lung cancer
Targeted treatments for non-small cell lung cancer
Molecular pathology and targeted treatments for small cell lung cancer
Immunotherapy approaches for lung cancer & current trials
  • Checkpoint inhibitors (CTLA-4, PD-1 and PD-L1 monoclonal antibodies)
  • Current trials

Targeted treatments for breast cancer

Thursday 25 May 2017, Christie Hospital Manchester

1-day course: Targeted Treatments for Breast Cancer

Level: Intermediate

Description: This study day will describe many different faulty processes that drive the growth and spread of breast cancer. It will also introduce the science behind a plethora of licensed and yet-to-be licensed breast cancer treatments such as HER2-targeted therapies, PARP inhibitors and CDK inhibitors. To set the scene, the science behind standard treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy will be explained.

Audience: Ideal for research nurses, clinical nurse specialists, administrative staff, clinical trials coordinators

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Cancer cell biology & genetics – key concepts:
The cellular and molecular makeup of breast cancer
The science behind cancer treatments
Targeted treatments for breast cancer
More targeted treatments for breast cancer
  • BRCA genes & PARP inhibitors
  • CDK inhibitors e.g. palbociclib
  • New targets for triple-negative/basal-like breast cancer
  • Immunotherapy for breast cancer

A beginner’s guide to immunotherapy

Wednesday 05 June 2019, Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Level: Intermediate

Audience: Ideal for anyone with an A level or equivalent understanding of cell biology and genetics and who works with cancer patients, data or treatments.

Description: In this half-day course (repeated Morning and afternoon) I describe the logic behind many immunotherapy-based cancer treatments such as checkpoint inhibitors (ipilimumab, pembrolizumab, nivolumab, atezolizumab, durvalumab), adoptive cell transfer (CAR T cell therapy, infiltrating T cells), and vaccine-based treatments (peptide and DNA vaccines, oncolytic viruses, dendritic cell vaccines).

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The relationship between cancer and the immune system
Introduction to checkpoint inhibitors
Introduction to adoptive cell transfer methods
Introduction to vaccine-based treatments