Molecular Mechanisms of Immunotherapies for Solid Tumours


The focus of this morning is on cancer’s relationship with the immune system, and how this knowledge is being used to improve the outlook of people with various solid tumours. Elaine focuses much of her attention on the checkpoint inhibitor group of immunotherapies and highlights some of the lessons learned through the hundreds of clinical trials with checkpoint inhibitors that have taken place over the past decade.

In the latter part of the morning Elaine looks at other technologies, such as CAR T cell therapy, vaccine-based treatments and oncolytic viruses.

This morning is the second part of a virtual study day and follows on from “Molecular Mechanisms of Targeted Therapies for Solid Tumours” on Thursday 09 December.

Audience: Ideal for pharmacists, research nurses, pharmaceutical companies, junior doctors or anyone who has been on one of Elaine’s other courses
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