A Beginner’s Guide to Precision Cancer Medicine

This is a live, virtual event. Each morning’s content is split over three pre-recorded videos of 30-40 minutes each. Elaine will be online throughout both mornings to interact with learners and answer questions in the live Q&A sessions that follow each video. The presentations will be available online for 30 days after the live event.


The aim of this course, spread over two mornings, is to provide learners with a good, general understanding of the concepts that underlie precision cancer medicine.

The fundamental idea of precision medicine is to offer each cancer patient a treatment approach that is tailored to the unique biology and genetics of their disease. Elaine will explain how far we are able to do this by exploring the features of cancer we can target now, and where we might get to in the future. She will also look at when precision medicine falls down, and why expectations and realities don’t always align.

Audience: Ideal for pharmacists, research nurses, pharmaceutical companies, junior doctors or anyone who has been on one of Elaine’s other courses
£50 per morning
To book, contact: conferenceteam@rmh.nhs.uk
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