Courses for clinical trials units

Many of the courses created for research nurses are also suitable for clinical trials units. However, Elaine has also created a series of four half-day modules that are ideal for the varied backgrounds of staff working in cancer clinical trials units.

Contact Elaine if you would like her to run these modules for your unit.


Module 1: Introducing cancer biology

  1. Introduction to cancer cell biology: Introducing cells, DNA, chromosomes, genes, proteins, enzymes and the cell cycle
  2. Introduction to cancer genetics: DNA damage as the cause of all cancer; causes, types and consequences of genetic damage; oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes
  3. The hallmarks of cancer
  4. The tumour microenvironment, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, cancer stem cells and intratumoural heterogeneity

Module 2: Cell communication pathways as a key target for new treatments

  1. Cell communication pathways (focusing on the EGF-Receptor and downstream pathways)
  2. Introducing targeted cancer treatments: monoclonal antibodies and small molecule kinase inhibitors
  3. Drugs targeting growth factor receptors such as EGF-Receptor and HER2
  4. Drugs targeting the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway, B-Raf and MEK

Module 3: A plethora of drug targets

  1. Drugs targeting angiogenesis, PARP and HSP90
  2. Drugs targeting the hedgehog pathway, ALK and the proteasome, and epigenetic modifiers
  3. Drugging the cell-cycle and apoptosis, immunotherapy and gene therapy
  4. Drugging the undruggable – how can we target transcription factors and protein:protein interactions?

Module 4: the promise and limitations of personalised cancer treatment

  1. Why the drugs don’t work: cellular and molecular mechanisms of drug resistance
  2. Discovering what happens to clinical samples – FISH, IHC, real time PCR, cDNA microarrays, DNA sequencing, CGH
  3. Biomarkers for targeted cancer treatments
  4. New concepts in drug development and clinical trials