17 October – Targeted treatments for breast & ovarian cancer

Friday 17 October, Birmingham

1-day course: Targeted Treatments for Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Level: advanced (Designed for doctors, research nurses and other experienced oncology staff working in breast and ovarian cancer.)

Description:  This course provides an overview of the cellular and genetic makeup of breast and ovarian cancer, along with information on targeted treatments in use and in development for these cancers. The focus of the course is on treatments such as HER2-inhibitors, PARP inhibitors and angiogenesis inhibitors, rather than on hormone treatments.

To book, contact: Selina Bell (selina.bell@nihr.ac.uk)


The makeup of breast cancer
  • How breast cancer develops
  • Classification systems – using information on proteins and genes
  • The cellular make-up of breast cancer
  • Breast cancer stem cells
  • Why breast cancers spread
Targeted treatments for breast cancer
  • HER2-targeted treatments eg. Herceptin & T-DM1
  • PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway inhibitors eg. everolimus
  • Overcoming resistance to hormone treatments
  • BRCA genes & PARP inhibitors
  • New targets for triple-negative/basal-like breast cancer
The makeup of ovarian cancer
  • Classification of ovarian cancer
  • Causes, types and consequences of genetic mutations
  • The importance of p53 and BRCA genes
  • How ovarian cancers invade and spread
Ovarian cancer: logical treatment strategies
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors
  • BRCA genes & PARP inhibitors
  • Blocking growth receptor pathways in low grade ovarian cancer
Practical exercise
Novel agents for chemo-resistant disease
  • Mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance and ways to overcome it
  • Novel targets eg. Folate receptor, Src, epigenetics