Molecular mechanisms of targeted cancer treatments

Monday 04 December 2018, Royal Marsden Hospital

Level: Advanced

Audience: Ideal for pharmacists, research nurses, pharmaceutical companies, junior doctors or anyone who has been on one of Elaine’s other courses

Description: This course covers a wide range of licensed and experimental cancer treatments for solid tumours, explaining their mechanism of action at a molecular and cellular level. It also contains detailed information on mechanisms of drug resistance and discusses the future of personalised cancer medicine.

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Targeted cancer treatments: the current landscape
  • Where have we got to?
  • Hallmarks of cancer cells – choose your target
The main classes of current targeted treatments:
  • Monoclonal antibody (mAb) technology
  • Small molecule kinase inhibitors
Targeting cell communication pathways
  • Inhibitors of EGF-R and  HER2
  • PI3K,AKT & mTOR inhibitors
  • B-RAF & MEK inhibitors
More enzyme inhibitors
  • VEGFR/angiogenesis inhibitors
  • PARP inhibitors
  • ALK inhibitors
  • CDK inhibitors
  • Cell-based immunotherapy
  • Antigen and DNA vaccines
  • Checkpoint inhibitors
Biomarkers and the personalisation of cancer treatment
  • Introduction to biomarkers
  • The use of biomarkers to select patients for trials and treatments for patients
  • The future of personalised cancer medicine