Demystifying the science behind advances in ovarian cancer

Tuesday 25 June, Royal Marsden Hospital London

Description: In this study day I describe the gene mutations and other defects that drive ovarian cancer (including fallopian tube and other primary peritoneal cancers). I will examine how this knowledge impacts treatment choice and explain the science behind chemotherapy and PARP, B-Raf and angiogenesis inhibitors. The day will also include the potential of immunotherapy and novel approaches for treatment, screening and patient monitoring.

Audience: Ideal for pharmacists, research nurses, pharmaceutical companies, junior doctors or anyone who has been on one of my other courses. Requires a basic understanding of cancer genetics and cancer cell biology.

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Key concepts
  • DNA damage as the cause of cancer
  • DNA repair pathways, including BRCA and PARP proteins
  • Genomic instability and intratumoural heterogeneity – implications for diagnosis and treatment
  • The cancer microenvironment
  • Introduction to the cell cycle and cell signalling

The makeup of ovarian cancer

  • Classification of ovarian cancer
  • Causes, types and consequences of genetic mutations
  • The importance of p53 and BRCA genes
  • How ovarian cancers invade and spread
Targeted treatments for ovarian cancer
  • Angiogenesis inhibitors
  • PARP inhibitors
  • Targeting the folate receptor
  • MEK inhibitors for low grade disease
Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer
  • Cancer and the immune system
  • Immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors
  • Clinical trials
Advances in screening and patient monitoring
  • Novel screening, detection and monitoring methods
  • The potential of “liquid biopsies”