Elaine is the UK's leading independent educator
on the science of new cancer treatments

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About Elaine Vickers PhD

Elaine provides clear, accessible and up-to-date education on cancer biology and the science of cancer treatments. She equips non-scientists – such as nurses, trials coordinators and doctors – with the knowledge to discuss new treatments with patients and colleagues.

Elaine has a degree in Medical Science, a PhD in Molecular Biology and 15 years of experience in communicating science to a wide range of audiences.

How it works

Elaine holds regular courses in London and Manchester that anyone can attend – see the Course Diary for details. Elaine also travels the country presenting in-house study days for many hospitals, trials units, charities and pharma companies.

Elaine recently partnered with Cancer Research UK to create a 5-week online course: ‘Demystifying targeted cancer treatments’, which will be repeated several times a year.